Pokemon Switch, Nintendo Confirms A Possible 2018 Release

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While at Nintendo, celebrations are in order after the publication of excellent results for the fiscal year, it turns out that regarding the upcoming games games, we have very small news about Pokémon Switch.

Indeed, in part of the documents related to the results, we notice that at the planning level, Pokémon Switch is marked as “2018 or later”. This mention appeared already this summer and has not disappeared, hinting that up to here everything is going fine. So, let’s be clear, it is definitely still possible that the game is only available in 2019, but this also indicates that if nothing goes wrong, it’s perfectly possible to see the title this year.

But if Pokémon Switch is to be released this year, we should not have to wait too long to see some gameplay. Because remember that for the moment, we have not seen a single image of the game and we do not even know the title. We can only cross our fingers and hope to have new information very soon.

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