NEO: The World Ends with You Coming To Switch And PS4

The “The World Ends With You” series is what that was never truly forgotten despite not receiving a new episode for close to 14 years. Indeed, along with multiple ports on Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch, it came back to the limelight this year with announcements of a an anime based on the game. While the animated series of the first The World Ends With You offered a trailer and a rel...[Read More]

Playing Video Games Can Benefit Mental Health, According To Oxford academics

The question of the impact of video games on our health has arisen an innumerable number of times since the creation of the medium. At the origin of many debates in the media, political and social spheres, video games are still a vast subject of study. More than a year after the inclusion of video game disorder on the WHO list of pathologies linked to addiction, a new study, conducted by the Oxfor...[Read More]

Guardian Tales Walkthrough

One of the biggest appeals of Guardian Tales is how complex some of the maps were designed, or how hard some quests, camouflaged as Easter Eggs can be. To help you avoid missing anything, here are some walkthroughs that should help you complete them, be it to complete the Vampire Girl Karina quest or reveal the secret in the champion sword maze. Guardian Tales 1 – 1 Walkthrough Guardian Tales 1 – ...[Read More]

Guardian Tales Tier List And Reroll Guide

Now this is a title that came as a surprise for a lot of us. Indeed, despite its humble origins and little hype surrounding its release, most will have to agree that Guardian Tales offers the most genuine experience amongst its peers sharing Gacha characteristics. In fact, my first advice in this guide is to enjoy Guardian tales as an adventure game rather than a Gacha, simply enjoying it for what...[Read More]

Mario Sports: The Trademark One Again Registered by Nintendo

In January, it was revealed that Nintendo had registered 39 trademarks corresponding to its licenses. Among these was Mario Sports, which is brought into the limelight again today. Indeed, a quick look at the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) website will reveal that the Mario Sports brand had recently been registered by Nintendo. More specifically, a prior deposit was made on Ma...[Read More]

Google Stadia – Can It Still Bring A Revolution To The Gaming Industry?

On November 19th, Google Stadia will be celebrating anniversary. However, where the promise of the presentations prior to the commercialization of the American giant’s service hinted at a new era for the industry of video games, the soufflé quickly fell back, and it is not a secret that, with each new Stadia connect conference, more and more of the public has shown a certain disinterest in t...[Read More]

Tales of Crestoria Tier List And Reroll Guide

Like in most other Gacha games, your goal in Tales of Crestoria will be to start the game with a strong team, in this particular case, with at least three SSR characters. Where it is different is that you can actually select one of the currently available SSR characters as soon as you start the game. Meaning that you will only have to hope for another two SSR characters in your next rolls 24 rolls...[Read More]

Super Mario Bros. – A Copy Sold For $114,000 At An Auction

Originally released in 1983, Super Mario Bros., its no secret, has become a veritable collector’s item, and an object that enthusiasts around the world would sell arm and leg for. What many don’t know, however, was that it had already become a title so prized that it has just broken the record of the most expensive game ever sold at auction for the second time. A sealed new cartridge, ...[Read More]

New World – The Release of the Game Delayed Until Spring 2021

After the return of the Free-to-Play Crucible in Closed Beta, Amazon Games announces yet another bad news. The release date of their MMO titled New World has been pushed back by almost a year. Indeed, it is following the feedback of players who participated in the alpha of the game that the developers of New World have decided to postpone their production, normally expected for August 25th, to spr...[Read More]

Bravely Second: End Layer – An Apology From Tomoya Asano and Masashi Takahashi

Still busy with the development of Bravely Default II, for a demo is available on the eShop for the Nintendo Switch, the team in charge of the license was recently interviewed by Famitsu. Thanks to Japanese Nintendo, which partly translated the exchange, we find some apologies. These apologies relate to Bravely Second: End Layer, released in 2018, the developers regretting the fact that it could n...[Read More]

Riot Games (League of Legends) files a lawsuit against Riot Squad

Riot Games, the studio behind the unstoppable MOBA League of Legends, recently filed a lawsuit against Riot Squad, a Chicago-based eSport organization founded in March. So it is the company Riot Games who wanted to file a complaint against Riot Squad. For the American studio, this new organization eSport, taking the name of Riot Squad, aims to deceive the consumer. Indeed, by taking this name, fan...[Read More]

Google Stadia Cloud Gaming Platform Is A New Competitor On The Gaming Market

In its presentation from GDC 2019 this afternoon, Google announced Google Stadia Cloud Gaming: It’s not a console but a platform that will run even the most graphics-intense PC games from Google’s data center to an existing device without much lag time. And yes, the company is plainly competing directly with existing platforms. It will indeed launch this year, though the company didn’t discuss exp...[Read More]

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