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Tales of Crestoria Guide – Number of Stages Per Chapter

With multiple features and quests/rewards locked behind specific chapters and stages, one of the main concerns of Tales of Crestoria players is how long it takes to complete each chapter, or rather how many chapters each of them are comprised of. Today we bring you a list with the number of stages per chapter, which we will eventually upd...[Read More]

Tales of Crestoria Tier List And Reroll Guide

Like in most other Gacha games, your goal in Tales of Crestoria will be to start the game with a strong team, in this particular case, with at least three SSR characters. Where it is different is that you can actually select one of the currently available SSR characters as soon as you start the game. Meaning that you will only have to hop...[Read More]

Tales of Crestoria Officially Launches On Android and iOS

Postponed to bring the final touches and correct the issues that were brought up during the beta, the global release of Tales of Crestoria finally takes place today. The servers for this original episode developed for iOS and Android devices are now open. Head to the Play Store or the App Store to download this free-to-play. Translated in...[Read More]

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