Square Enix Employees Interested in Nintendo Switch

Yosuke Matsuda hasn’t been shy in the past when it came to praising the Switch! A couple of months ago he stated that the Nintendo Switch “is very attractive” and then went on to say:

“Our developers with a strong interest in the Switch are eager to challenge themselves to find new ways for people to play games. Having more gaming platforms available is a good thing for us. I really want the Switch to succeed. We’ll be developing new titles, and we’d like to port existing titles that the Switch can support often as we can.

Nintendo creates a variety of new gameplay possibilities. I think other companies will comes up with some surprising gimmicks using the Switch’s unique capabilities. We have our own way of doing things, so we’ll be marrying the Switch’s unique features to the kinds of games we’re known for.”

Matsuda reiterated this in the latest issue of EDGE. The magazine questioned Matsuda on the success of the games the company developed so far. “Haven’t done badly” he replied and then added that many people within Square Enix “are looking to make games for Switch.”

Full statement below:

“They haven’t done badly! Obviously it only came out last March, so it hasn’t been long, but of all the publishers who are working on Switch we’ve done quite a few things. It’s a very attractive platform – there are a lot of people within the company that are looking to make games for Switch.”

Are there any games you’d like to see on the Nintendo Switch from Square Enix?

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