We Happy Few PC Review

"True happiness comes only by making others happy”, this famous reflection has surely been taken

Monster Prom First Impressions – The First Multiplayer Dating Sim

Whether you admit it or not, a large part of the gaming community has tried the dating simulator genre at least once. Unfortunately, the genre is confined to a huge number of Japanese games, sometimes a little shady, and often poorly translated. It was not counting on the release of Monster Prom, the first multiplayer “flirting game” that offers a rather unique experience. After attack...[Read More]

Yonder The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Review (Nintendo Switch)

Behind this extended name lies a relatively simple game, which is motivated only by your desire for exploration. Produced by the small Australian studio called Prideful Sloth – mostly counting Activision and Rocksteady alumni, Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles does not hide its similarities to certain titles like Harvest Moon or Zelda, but offers something quite unique in the world of adv...[Read More]

Onigiri Online First Impression – A Taste of Ancient Japan

This week I tried out Onigiri Online, a game that proposes to take players into a world inspired by the mythology and colorful folklore of Ancient Japan, with its share of Oni (demons) and Youkai (spirits and legendary creatures), redesigned sauce anime. Faithfully accompanied by various partners, players will have to make their way through the world of Onigiri Online and discover its many mysteri...[Read More]

Pokemon Sun/Moon Review – The New Generation Of The Pokemon Saga

Considering that it was celebrating its twentieth anniversary, 2016 has certainly been a huge year for the Pokémon saga. Fans were spoiled throughout the year with distribution events, the Pokémon Generation series, the unmissable Pokémon Go, and much more. What better way to complete 2016 than with a new pair of Pokémon games, with an [...]

Fortnite First Impressions, Tower Defense Meets Survival: Is It Worth Buying?

After great titles like Gears of War, Unreal, or the somewhat unknown Bulletstorm, Epic Games returns with an ubiquitous, yet far more complex and profound construction/tower defense game than its cartoon graphics might suggest. The principle of Fortnite, at first glance, is actually quite simple:you build defenses around your goal, then defend it against waves [...]

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