Genshin Impact Reaches $1 Billion In-Game Sales In 6 Months

While update 1.4 has been available for a few days now, the Chinese game, Genshin Impact, continues to break records. It is now the fastest mobile game to reach $ 1 billion spent by gamers on in-game purchases. Indeed, since the game was released six months ago, the Chinese open-world action RPG by Mihoyo has been breaking and setting new records. Today it has become the fastest mobile game to rea...[Read More]

Guardian Tales World 5 Walkthrough

Guardian Tales World 4 Walkthrough Guardian Tales 4 – 1 Walkthrough Guardian Tales 4 – 2 Walkthrough Guardian Tales 4 – 3 Walkthrough Guardian Tales 4 – 4 Walkthrough Guardian Tales 4 – 5 Walkthrough

Guardian Tales Laura’s Quest

Guardian Tales’ Laura may be one of the most tragic characters in the game, and maybe one of the most tragic. A case of bullying gone awfully wrong in the Magic School world that will require the player to visit or revisit multiple maps to unveil. Laura Quest Part 1 Laura Quest Part 2 Laura Quest Part 3 Laura Quest Part 4 Laura Quest Part 5 Laura Quest Par...[Read More]

Guardian Tales Walkthrough

One of the biggest appeals of Guardian Tales is how complex some of the maps were designed, or how hard some quests, camouflaged as Easter Eggs can be. To help you avoid missing anything, here are some walkthroughs that should help you complete them, be it to complete the Vampire Girl Karina quest or reveal the secret in the champion sword maze. Guardian Tales 1 – 1 Walkthrough Guardian Tales 1 – ...[Read More]

Guardian Tales Tier List And Reroll Guide

Now this is a title that came as a surprise for a lot of us. Indeed, despite its humble origins and little hype surrounding its release, most will have to agree that Guardian Tales offers the most genuine experience amongst its peers sharing Gacha characteristics. In fact, my first advice in this guide is to enjoy Guardian tales as an adventure game rather than a Gacha, simply enjoying it for what...[Read More]

Guardian Tales: Kakao Games’ Action Adventure Game Released

Less than a month after opening its pre-registrations, Guardian Tales, the action-adventure game from Kakao Games, is now available on Android and iOS. Now available worldwide after a soft launch in Canada and other select countries a few weeks ago, Guadian Tales offers players the opportunity to explore retro-style levels and dungeons. Due to its Gacha identity, you can expect the title to allow ...[Read More]

V4 MMORPG System Requirements

As the Western launch of Project V4 MMORPG approaches, the developer specifies the size of the game’s PC game client (3.1 GB to download), as well as the system requirements: Processor: Intel i5 3.0GHZ RAM memory: 8GB or more Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce, GTX9XX Series Video memory: 4GB or more Operating system: Windows 8.1 / 10 (64Bit), DirectX 11 or newer We note in passing that the size ...[Read More]

The V4 MMORPG PC Client Available For Pre-Download

If Project V4 is already available in South Korea, the MMORPG is now expected in a few days for the Western regions – distributed in most countries of the world, excluding a few countries in Asia, and translated into several languages, including English and French (in addition to German, Russian, Chinese and Thai). For those that are just hopping on this train, know that the V4 MMORPG can be...[Read More]

Tales of Crestoria Guide – Number of Stages Per Chapter

With multiple features and quests/rewards locked behind specific chapters and stages, one of the main concerns of Tales of Crestoria players is how long it takes to complete each chapter, or rather how many chapters each of them are comprised of. Today we bring you a list with the number of stages per chapter, which we will eventually update with the number of fights required for each stage. Main ...[Read More]

Tales of Crestoria Tier List And Reroll Guide

Like in most other Gacha games, your goal in Tales of Crestoria will be to start the game with a strong team, in this particular case, with at least three SSR characters. Where it is different is that you can actually select one of the currently available SSR characters as soon as you start the game. Meaning that you will only have to hope for another two SSR characters in your next rolls 24 rolls...[Read More]

Tales of Crestoria Officially Launches On Android and iOS

Postponed to bring the final touches and correct the issues that were brought up during the beta, the global release of Tales of Crestoria finally takes place today. The servers for this original episode developed for iOS and Android devices are now open. Head to the Play Store or the App Store to download this free-to-play. Translated into English, it features young Kanata and Misella, forced to ...[Read More]

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