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Guardian Tales Tier List And Reroll Guide

Now this is a title that came as a surprise for a lot of us. Indeed, despite its humble origins and little hype surrounding its release, most will have to agree that Guardian Tales offers the most genuine experience amongst its peers sharing Gacha characteristics. In fact, my first advice in this guide is to enjoy Guardian tales as an adventure game rather than a Gacha, simply enjoying it for what it is.

However, for those of you that are aiming for the best, or simply want to learn more about Guardian Tales rerolling and tier list, here’s a little guide.

Guardian Tales Reroll Guide

Guardian Tales characters have between one and three stars, with the latter being the rarest and strongest. Before we get any further, don’t hop on this train expecting an easy cruise. Unlike other Gacha games where you can reroll to a new account somewhat easily, within 5 to 15 minutes, Guardian Tales wont be as easy.

Indeed, summoning itself is locked behind the map 1-4 (which will require you to complete 8-14 depending on how eager you are to explore the game). This alone should take you between 40 minutes and 1 hour.

Moreover, before being able to do a 10x pull, you will need to accumulate 2700 gems, which should take you another 30 minutes or so to achieve between quests and map completions. Even though subsequent rerolls will most likely be easier, expect to spend at least 40 minutes on each account.

Guardian Tales Tier List

Being a new game, it will be hard to come up with a proper tier list at the moment, but we can still provide some information. First of all, keep in mind that to get the most of your characters, regardless of their number of stars, you will roll for their corresponding weapons.

So always keep in mind that the emphasis on Guardian Tales Tier Lists will depend on your possession of unique weapons.


And don’t forget to check our Guardian Tales Walkthrough if you get stuck on any stage~

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