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The V4 MMORPG PC Client Available For Pre-Download

The V4 MMORPG PC Client Available For Pre-Download

If Project V4 is already available in South Korea, the MMORPG is now expected in a few days for the Western regions – distributed in most countries of the world, excluding a few countries in Asia, and translated into several languages, including English and French (in addition to German, Russian, Chinese and Thai).

For those that are just hopping on this train, know that the V4 MMORPG can be played without distinction on PC and mobile platforms. And to prepare for launch, the game client is already available for pre-download on PC: to obtain it, simply download the launcher of Nexon (publisher of V4, a game developed by NAT games ) at this address. At the same time, pre-registrations remain open on the AppStore and Google Play.

As a reminder, Project V4 intends to stand out with a gameplay that is both open and massive: its inter-server system will make it possible to bring together a large number of players in the context of either PvE events (boss raids), or PvP events (battlefields).

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