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The “Cozy MMO” Palia Is Preparing Its Beta And Sketching Out The Future

The Singularity 6 studio will finally kick off the closed beta of Palia tomorrow August 2, while waiting for an open beta scheduled for August 10. In the meantime, game director Aidan Karabaich is sending an open letter to (future) testers from which we particularly note that this beta will probably not be free of bugs and malfunctions . Aidan Karabaich recalls that Palia is the first game of Sing...[Read More]

STORY OF SEASONS: Pioneers of Olive Town – Launch Trailer

Leave the city life behind and start your farm from scratch in STORY OF SEASONS: Pioneers of Olive Town! Cultivate the land, tend to your animals, discover hidden treasure, and even find love along the way as you craft a new life in a seaside village teeming with adventure!

Dysterra, A New Multiplayer Survival Game Announced by Kakao Games

After announcing its partnership with Reality MagiQ last week, Kakao Games presents the title resulting from this collaboration, Dysterra. Expected in early access by the end of the year, Dysterra will take the form of a full-scale multiplayer survival game, incorporating construction/building, crafting, combat and disasters that are sure to come and destroy some of the fruits of your labor. Devel...[Read More]

Atlas Rogues, In Early Access From Wednesday November 18th

The sequel to gamigo’s Atlas saga, Atlas Rogues, will be available for Early Access on Steam and Glyph starting November 18 at 4 p.m. CET ! Players will be able to prove their strategic skills in turn-based co-op matches, and take part in complex and varied missions. To celebrate its launch, Atlas Rogues will be on sale for $14.99 until December 1st, after which it will drop back to the regu...[Read More]

Nexomon: Extinction – Coming to PC and Consoles on August 28th

As you explore the diverse regions that make up the world of Nexomon, you can expect to meet some…unusual… characters along the way!

Guardian Tales: Kakao Games’ Action Adventure Game Released

Less than a month after opening its pre-registrations, Guardian Tales, the action-adventure game from Kakao Games, is now available on Android and iOS. Now available worldwide after a soft launch in Canada and other select countries a few weeks ago, Guadian Tales offers players the opportunity to explore retro-style levels and dungeons. Due to its Gacha identity, you can expect the title to allow ...[Read More]

The V4 MMORPG PC Client Available For Pre-Download

If Project V4 is already available in South Korea, the MMORPG is now expected in a few days for the Western regions – distributed in most countries of the world, excluding a few countries in Asia, and translated into several languages, including English and French (in addition to German, Russian, Chinese and Thai). For those that are just hopping on this train, know that the V4 MMORPG can be...[Read More]

Forager Available On Xbox One And Windows 10 Devices

Published by Humble Bundle a little over a year ago, Forager is an adventure/management game in which you must face large creatures while building your village. A production that was very well received by the press and players at its release, especially for its addictive side. Already available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, Forager has just made its debut in the Xbox ecosystem. In a pr...[Read More]

Tales of Crestoria Tier List And Reroll Guide

Like in most other Gacha games, your goal in Tales of Crestoria will be to start the game with a strong team, in this particular case, with at least three SSR characters. Where it is different is that you can actually select one of the currently available SSR characters as soon as you start the game. Meaning that you will only have to hope for another two SSR characters in your next rolls 24 rolls...[Read More]

Tales of Crestoria Officially Launches On Android and iOS

Postponed to bring the final touches and correct the issues that were brought up during the beta, the global release of Tales of Crestoria finally takes place today. The servers for this original episode developed for iOS and Android devices are now open. Head to the Play Store or the App Store to download this free-to-play. Translated into English, it features young Kanata and Misella, forced to ...[Read More]

Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War Pre-Registration Open

Today, Neowiz announced the start of the pre-registration campaign for Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War, their upcoming mobile game on the Google Play Store. In Kingdom of Heroes, players will follow along the adventures of a young would-be King Arthur as he fights to protect Avalon from a new evil. To do so, you will have to recruit allies to fight along side you, improve your skills, and take an e...[Read More]

Cubicity – A Cubic Puzzle Game to Arrive On Switch

As popular as ever around the world, the Nintendo’s Switch attracts numerous independent developers every month. It must be said that with more than 55 million of Nintendo’s consoles sold in just over three years, the potential customer fleet is now particularly large. Already available on Android and more recently on Steam since last year, the puzzle game developed by Pirate Parrot is...[Read More]

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