Atlas Rogues, In Early Access From Wednesday November 18th

Atlas Rogues, In Early Access From Wednesday November 18th

The sequel to gamigo’s Atlas saga, Atlas Rogues, will be available for Early Access on Steam and Glyph starting November 18 at 4 p.m. CET ! Players will be able to prove their strategic skills in turn-based co-op matches, and take part in complex and varied missions. To celebrate its launch, Atlas Rogues will be on sale for $14.99 until December 1st, after which it will drop back to the regular price of $19.99.

In Atlas Rogues, brave freelancers will be able to form their teams from a growing roster of fierce characters. They will have to recover the keys to the reactors of the Evil Trusts and thus prevent a catastrophic crisis from occurring in the city. At the heart of this thrilling adventure, single player and co-op adventures meet in turn-based PvE. Players can immerse themselves in the rich lore of a varied game, unlock quirky characters as they play, and discover unique new ways to win with each session.

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