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The “Cozy MMO” Palia Is Preparing Its Beta And Sketching Out The Future

The “Cozy MMO” Palia Is Preparing Its Beta And Sketching Out The Future

The Singularity 6 studio will finally kick off the closed beta of Palia tomorrow August 2, while waiting for an open beta scheduled for August 10. In the meantime, game director Aidan Karabaich is sending an open letter to (future) testers from which we particularly note that this beta will probably not be free of bugs and malfunctions .

Aidan Karabaich recalls that Palia is the first game of Singularity 6 and that as such, the studio will probably make “mistakes”, but the development team “will remain humble”.

“We will work to correct these errors and we will continue” in the hope of “surprising, even satisfying” players, but also “learning and evolving as much as necessary to ensure that Palia is as good as it can be”. He continues, “Betas are known to be unstable and while we’re working to ensure serious issues are infrequent, we’re being realistic: there are likely to be performance issues, bugs that we hadn’t identified and even some features that will need to be reworked before they work perfectly as they should”.

According to the game director, there is never a perfect time to launch a beta, but at some point, “you have to open the doors” and get started. Especially since this beta also aims to help the studio to “better understand what players like in Palia, why they like it and especially what needs to be improved in the game so that the developers can decide what paths to go in the future”. We therefore understand that the Palia beta is a real test phase, both in terms of the content (the gameplay ) and the form of Palia (its technical stability).

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