Dysterra, A New Multiplayer Survival Game Announced by Kakao Games

After announcing its partnership with Reality MagiQ last week, Kakao Games presents the title resulting from this collaboration, Dysterra.

Expected in early access by the end of the year, Dysterra will take the form of a full-scale multiplayer survival game, incorporating construction/building, crafting, combat and disasters that are sure to come and destroy some of the fruits of your labor. Developed under Unreal Engine 4, the title will be available in alpha from March 18 to 22 in North America.

“We are developing a golden balance that allows novice survivors to enjoy the game for a long time while maintaining the unique tension of survival games,” the Dysterra team shared “We want to create Dysterra as a survival game that many gamers can relate to and immerse in.”

For more information on how to participate in the Dysterra global alpha test, you can search for Dysterra Steam Community and Dysterra Discord.

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