Three Pokemon Go Players Reportedly Assaulted After A Gym Battle

Pokemon Go has been released for around two years now, but you might remember the news of violence taking place around the game (from thieves waiting around pokestops to people breaking into private properties). Although it’s been a while since I last heard of such things happening, it appears someone recently assaulted three strangers over a Pokemon Go gym battle, which is nicely nostalgic!

The victims of the assault claim that the man in question came over with a tire iron and assaulted them, with one of the victims getting behind him in hopes of choking him out in self-defense. The assaulter claims that he did hit a table with the tire iron, but at no point did he actually strike the three men in question. Like any sort of criminal investigation, it’s not entirely clear what the truth of the matter is, but it’s still a pretty unfortunate story of game-related violence.

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