Aladdin and The Lion King HD Remasters Compilation

Aladdin and The Lion King HD Remasters Compilation

Disney is preparing to give birth anew to two games that have undoubtedly marked a lot of players during their childhood: Aladdin and The Lion King, released successively in 1993 and 1994. The two games will return to our modern consoles in a HD Remasters compilation.

The announcement comes from a conference that GameStop organized yesterday to present the major games they will sell at the end of 2019. And with good reason: this compilation of two platformers initially developed by Virgin Interactive will be available for pre-order tonight, for an October release on PS4 , Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. A PC version was logically not mentioned, but we should still expect an upcoming digital release.

The site Gematsu brings some details on this compilation: remastered, the two games would be playable with the original display or in 1080p, the original soundtracks will be included, and we can expect some new features, such as the ability to advance quickly or to go back at any time of the game. Finally, it would be possible to choose between the SNES and Mega Drive versions, which comprise major differences of gameplay.

More information is expected in the day with, hopefully, first images and a specific release date. Note that the original versions of King Lion and Aladdin had appeared on GOG and Steam in 2017, before being removed from sale last July.

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