Google’s “Stadia Makers” Program To Empower Indie Game Developers

Launched in November 2019, the cloud gaming platform from Google is now looking to increase the number of titles in the Stadia catalog. The firm wants more independent developers to join it and announces the “Stadia Makers” program to help these creators bring their titles to the platform. As part of this program, Stadia offers developers up to five physical development kits, a financi...[Read More]

Google Stadia Cloud Gaming Platform Is A New Competitor On The Gaming Market

In its presentation from GDC 2019 this afternoon, Google announced Google Stadia Cloud Gaming: It’s not a console but a platform that will run even the most graphics-intense PC games from Google’s data center to an existing device without much lag time. And yes, the company is plainly competing directly with existing platforms. It will indeed launch this year, though the company didn’t discuss exp...[Read More]

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