The Nintendo Switch Once Again Attacked By Gamevice

After a first attempt rejected by the Court last October, Gamevice, the manufacturer of mobile accessories once again attacks Nintendo and its Nintendo Switch.

For the US based manufacturer, the console violates its patents, especially through the detachable Joy-Con. However, many differences exist and it would be surprising if the complaint actually resulted in a trial, but we never know.

Indeed, Gamevice’s patents concern accessories compatible with several devices when the Joy-Con only works with the Nintendo Switch.  Another example, the Joy-Con is a strong independent device, able to work without being attached to the Switch, while Gamevice accessories need to be connected. Finally, none of the manufacturer’s accessories have HD vibration technology or motion sensors, some of the main features of the Joy-Con.

Nevertheless, Gamevice is trying outright to ban the import of the Switch in the US, just that. Also note that the complaint was filed with the US International Trade Commission, which points out the fact that even if an investigation was opened, no decision was made. A judge will determine whether the case will go through or not within 45 days.

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