Intellivision Will Be Joining The Stage of E3 2020

Intellivision Will Be Joining The Stage of E3 2020

Those of you under 20 certainly do not know about the Intellivision, a console developed by Mattel and released in the early eighties. It was a pretty nice success with more than 3 million units sold in three years, but the adventure stopped with the crash of 1983.

But Tommy Tallarico, whimsical boss of the Intellivision Entertainment company has the ambition of bringing back this great name of the video game history on the front of the stage. The launch of a certain Intellivision Amico is scheduled for October 10, 2020 and the company sees things in big. Our fellows at Game Informers had the opportunity to chat with Tommy Tallarico some time ago and one of his announcements was amazing to say the least: Intellivision will be on stage at the E3 2020.

We’re launching on 10-10, 2020, so our big E3 is next year, big booth with people playing 100 machines, and all that … Next E3 we’re going to be blowing it out, and you’re going to be like, ‘Oh my god.’ It’ll be mind-blowing. It’s something very, very excited.

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