Ocean Legend Released Today On iOS and Android

Ocean Legend, advertised by NetEase as an “Age of Exploration” MMO that mixes the experiences of Sea of Thieves, Pirates of the Burning Sea and Sword of the New World (I haven’t heard of the last two either until now, so don’t sweat it). Here’s the developer’s pitch:

“Players take part in the growing naval empires of 15th and 16th century Europe. Choose between four different characters and five separate countries for your own oceanic adventure in the Age of Exploration! In single player mode, join Columbus and his shipmates on their third expedition, battle against pirates, then set out on your own to make a name for yourself as commander of your own fleet.”

Exploration is accomplished discovery that is categorized as History, Theology, Architecture, Art, Biology, and Geography. Each category is meant to “opens up a new world of knowledge for players, and an opportunity to travel more and face new challenges, like difficult weather conditions, real navigation, and even other players in multi-player mode.”

Definitely a title to try whether you are a fan of the genre of not.

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