To the Moon Will Be Adapted Into An Animated Film

When it released in 2011, the independent game To the Moon seduced players with its touching story and memorable music. Prepare your handkerchief stock: its creator, Kan Gao, has announced that an animated film adaptation is currently in preparation.

From a simple game made with RPG Maker to an animated film: that is the atypical course of To the Moon, title from Freebird Games. It will soon be possible to rediscover the story of Neil Watts and Eva Rosalene, two scientists helping an old man modify his memories to make him realize his dream, going to the moon, in the form of an animation. The news was announced through a video posted on Canadian developer Kan Gao’s YouTube channel.

As for the project itself, it will be a collaboration between Japan (for the production) and China (for the funding), knowing that leading companies of Japanese animation will be involved . He goes on to say that a “significant” budget will be allocated.

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