Month: February 2020

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics – Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics is a strategy game where you lead a budding Gelfling resistance against the oppressive Skeksis overlords. Lead your team across a vast fantasy world in more than 50 unique turn-based tactical battles.

Dead Static Drive To Be Released On PC And Xbox One During This Year

Back at the E3 2019, Microsoft had unveiled a trailer of more than two minutes in order to highlight dozens and dozens of independent games, including a certain Dead Static Drive. Today, the latter shows itself through a short video and, at the same time, announces that it will arrive on PC during 2020. Dead Static Drive, described as the “Grand Theft Cthulhu” by its creator Mike Black...[Read More]

Gran Saga – Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Here is the first look at the gameplay for Npixel’s Unreal Engine 4 mobile MMO, Gran Saga. The game is set to launch in Korea with no global release planned yet. It also is looking to be playable on mobile as well as PC.

Nintendo Feels No Threat From The PS5 And Xbox Series X

By launching its Switch in 2017, Nintendo has achieved a master stroke, coming back to the fore and “stealing” large market shares from the competition. But this launch window was not anodyne since the firm was thus positioned against the next generation of Sony and Microsoft consoles. Indeed, while Bigg N was able to take advantage of this release in the middle of the eighth generatio...[Read More]

Temtem, Crema Games Banned 900 Cheaters

Since cheating is always invited to the party when it comes to online gaming, Temtem users also had to deal with nasty cheaters for a few days. In fact, it would be more accurate to call them people repeatedly taking advantage of bugs to facilitate their gaming experience. In all cases, Crema Games has decided to apply a zero tolerance response towards these behaviors. The studio has just announce...[Read More]

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