Call of the Sea Pre-Orders Available – Release Date Revealed

Call of the Sea Pre-Orders Available – Release Date Revealed

Microsoft has launched pre-orders for Call of the Sea, also revealing the release date for this first-person adventure game. Indeed, it will be available on December 8 for $19.99 ($17.99 for pre-orders), or via the Xbox Game Pass subscription on PC, and the Xbox series.

Developed by the small team (twelve members) of Out of the Blue, with the support of publisher Raw Fury, Call of the Sea tells the story of Norah, a young woman who crossed the Pacific in search of her husband. The story is set in 1934 on an unknown luxuriant island where the remains of a vanished civilization remain. The adventure thus takes the form of an investigation with clues to be found, and puzzles to solve, the developers citing Myst, Subnautica, SOMA and Firewatch as sources of inspiration. Note also that Norah is voiced by Cissy Jones, voice of Delilah in Firewatch.

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