10 Great Smartphone And Tablet Titles For Children

PJ Masks: Moonlight Heroes

Pajamasks: Moonlight Heroes is a platform game for young players. They will be able to choose between three heroes with their own characteristics, put on their favorite pajamas and fly for a crazy run on the rooftops of the city in the middle of the night. The goal is to collect the globes, find gold amulets and avoid the enemies that stand in the way. By collecting as many objects as possible, the player boosts the power of his character and increases his final score which he can compare with other children. Fun and accessible, perfect for children from 3 to 8 years old.

Disney Magic Kingdoms

The publisher Gameloft partners with Disney to offer your children the chance to create the Disney park of their dreams. While it is most likely their wish to visit this fantastic park, in the meantime they have the possibility to imagine what it would ideally look like and in addition, no need to queue all day for an attraction. The game not only features all the famous attractions of Disneyland, but also includes a few exclusive ones. It is also the way to find Mickey, Donald and all the other characters, the parades of chariots and other festivities that are so representative of Disneyland.

James’ Amazing Adventures

The game is an animated tale where the child intervenes via mini-games. In a style close to a comic strip, instructions are given orally, which means that the child does not have to be able to read perfectly. Instructive and playful, it will occupy your child for a long time in its full version.


LEGO Juniors Create & Cruise

If today we tend to think Minecraft when we talk about creativity and games for children, there was a time when LEGOs were all we had in mind. This physical construction game allowed us to build cities, vehicles, families and immerse ourselves in a world that is fully personalized and infinitely variable.

The LEGO license is still up-to-date and is even seen in movies, series and video games. LEGO Juniors Create & Cruise allows children to create their character – including Batman – and their vehicles while assembling the famous pieces. Then it’s time to start a race, whether it’s by car, truck or helicopter. Playful and easy, this game corresponds to children from 4 to 7 years and has the advantage of not containing advertisements, links to websites or in-game purchases.


How to give your children a taste for cooking? Rather than trying to get into long sessions of practical work that often end up being boring or even catastrophic, have them give Cooking Mama Let’s Cook! a go. This is without a doubt the most playful way to train and learn cooking techniques: thanks to the tactile, the player cuts, slices, slices, cooks and reveals some challenges with the other players.

It is also possible to customize Mama and her room. A game that benefits from events and updates in a recurring way so as never to lose interest.

Peppa Pig: Paintbox

While you won’t see an adult playing it, with the little ones Peppa Pig: Paintbox earns some success. The game presents itself as a box of colors that offers all the tools necessary to draw, color and paste. A true coloring book where it is possible for children to set their imagination and desires free. And if your child is specially proud of the result,  they have the opportunity to exhibit on the wall of the Peppa School. It can also be extracted to the gallery of the smartphone or tablet should they want to share or print it.

Lola’s Math Train Learn Basics

This application, intended to teach calculation to small children of 3 to 7 years, is best to be used with the help of an adult. Indeed, some terms may require explanations. Apart from that, the application is quite good, possessing varied exercises and fun atmosphere. Beiz, the developer, has also developed other applications, one being an almost identical alphabet version, one for puzzles and one of search for hidden objects.

Clay Jam

Zynga knows how to make good games, and Clay Jam is another proof of that. Simple, but addictive, it is a game based on modeling clay. The goal is to roll a ball by guiding it towards small monsters of modeling clay. In the end, the ball created is thrown on a monster and the distance to which it is propelled corresponds to the score. Improvements are available, and the game is overall pretty good.


Little Things Forever

It is the resumption of the classic game which consists in finding objects in a complex pattern. Here a form (owl, dinosaur ..) is made up of multiple small objects, from machines to animals to everyday objects. The child must be able to read, because the objects to be found are given in writing. Beware, the application includes advertisements, so be careful with what your child does with the application.

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