Month: April 2018

LIGHTSLINGER HEROES Now Available On The App Store And Google Play

Skyborne Games’ LightSlinger Heroes, a mind-blowing RPG/bubble shooter combo, is launching today on iOS and Android! In LightSlinger Heroes, legendary creatures run rampant – destroying everything in their path. You’re tasked with choosing a faction – and then taking on difficult quests in order to kill each beast. The gameplay may seem simple on the surface, but actual strategy is required in ord...[Read More]

ARKit Game THE ANCIENTS AR Coming Soon To iOS

A jaw-dropping augmented reality game where players command a fleet of powerful warships, The Ancients AR features the legendary Ancients: gigantic creatures who are able to cast lightning bolts and fireballs – and even summon a fire-spitting dragon – in larger-than-life, full-scale sea battles that must be seen to be believed. Ancient Origins Jakub Różalski’s visionary art provided the starting p...[Read More]

Conan Exiles Gets A New Trailer

Earlier today, a new Conan Exiles trailer was released by Funcom, for the pleasure of the fans anticipating the upcoming official launch of the open-world survival game’s on PS4, Xbox One and PC. While we were curious about the crucified man that was rescued by (who we believed) to be Conan (and there were a lot of speculations regarding the unknown man, who bore some resemblance to a certain bibl...[Read More]

Darwin Project Goes Free To Play On Steam

Scavengers Studios, the publisher of the Battle Royale game Darwin Project, just announced a rather good news, since the title becomes Free to Play on Steam! As a reminder, the game was released in Game Preview on the Xbox One console and in Early Access on Steam for about $15, and the same was expected for the Steam release. To bring in new players and maintain a level of activity that ensures pl...[Read More]

Ocean Legend Released Today On iOS and Android

Ocean Legend, advertised by NetEase as an “Age of Exploration” MMO that mixes the experiences of Sea of Thieves, Pirates of the Burning Sea and Sword of the New World (I haven’t heard of the last two either until now, so don’t sweat it). Here’s the developer’s pitch: “Players take part in the growing naval empires of 15th and 16th century Europe. Choose between four different character...[Read More]

Agony, The Horror Genre Gives Us A Date For May 29

Postponed at the very last moment last March, Agony finally has its new release date confirmed: fans of horror games have a date on May 29. More than a month and a few days before we can put our hands on Agony, the survival horror of Madmind Studio. On March 20, just ten days before its release date, the developers had to postpone the deadline, in order to “give players the experience they d...[Read More]

Disgaea 1 Complete (Disgaea Refine): The Remaster Announced For The West

Good news for fans of the Disgaea franchise since Disgaea 1 Complete, known as Disgaea Refine in Japan, has been confirmed for Europe and North America. This remaster is expected on PS4 and Nintendo Switch this fall. To celebrate the 15 years of their Tactical J-RPG saga, Nippon Ichi Software offers a return to the roots. Disgaea 1 Complete will revisit the first episode, subtitled Hour of Darknes...[Read More]

Hollow Knight: Lifeblood update officially launched

First introduced in a beta on Steam, the Lifeblood update of the metroïdvania title Hollow Knight is now available to all owners. A new boss with his own musical theme, the redesign of a certain boss (without specifying which one) to make it more challenging, the addition of markers players can place on the map, as well as numerous technical optimizations, all in this one free update. Team Cherry ...[Read More]

FPS MOBA Sky Noon Hosting A Closed Beta

In the category of slightly crazy but still interesting titles, here is Sky Noon. Developed by a small studio called Lunar Rooster, this FPS has cowboys fight it out by ejecting each other from the map with their air blowing weapons. If on paper, this idea may seem very strange, we must admit that everything is rather fun once the game starts. As reported by PC Gamer, Sky Noon will soon start a cl...[Read More]

Fortnite Battle Royale Will Soon Introduce A Light Machine Gun

While PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds seems to be focused on adding cards and an eSports league recently evoked by Brendan Greene, the Epic Games team is more focused on introducing new skins and new weapons in the game. So, after the remote controlled missile, here comes the Light Machine Gun in Fortnite. This Rambo-worthy “toy” has been announced in the title menus, but thanks to...[Read More]

Eve Online: Into the Abyss Expansion Announced

Still in great shape after nearly 15 years of loyal service, Eve Online is blessed with frequent updates offered by the developers CCP. This time, the Icelandic studio has announced the next expansion to be launched shortl. Called “Into the Abyss”, this new content will immerse players in the abyss of space with a gameplay focused on survival and exploration, rewarding them with Mutapl...[Read More]

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