Month: June 2018

Pokemon Quest Evolution Levels List

If in the main games Pokemon evolution can be tricky with some requiring special conditions (trading, rare stones, specific areas, etc), things are a bit simpler in Pokemon Quest, though that is mainly due to the fact that only gen 1 Pokemon are currently available. Some can still be confusing however, especially when you don’t know when they’ll evolve. The following list of Pokemon Qu...[Read More]

Nintendo Might Be Considering A 3DS Successor

Released in February 2011 in Japan and March 2011 in the rest of the world, the Nintendo 3DS continued its career through several different versions and continues to hold a special position for its manufacturers, who decidedly do not seem to want to abandon it. If the arrival of the Switch, a hybrid console that is also portable in part, meant the end of the 3DS for part of the public, Nintendo ha...[Read More]

2000 Monarch of Greed Act 1 Steam Keys Giveaway (June 2018)

Alright then, hopefully this should be the last stress test for IndieSmasher, and we invite you all to take part again with a new massive giveaway. Once again, we will be offering Steam Keys offered by LledGames for their game Monarch of Greed – Act 1. An account will be required to obtain your key. Keep in mind that this remains a stress test and that while unlikely this time around, performance ...[Read More]

Hearts of Iron IV Steam Key Giveaway (Inactive)

Here’s another free game up for grabs! Join our Hearts of Iron IV Steam Key Giveaway for a chance to win the strategy game by Paradox Development Studio. Hearts of Iron IV Steam Key Giveaway

Crush Your Enemies: Vile Monarch’s Strategy Game Arrives On Switch This Summer

The Nintendo Switch is preparing to host one of its first Strategy games. First released in 2016 on PC then iOS and Android, the independent game Crush Your Enemies announces its release for this summer on the hybrid console. The studio Vile Monarch, based in Warsaw, Poland, drew on the sources of real-time strategy games (resource management, deployment of units, tactical confrontations…) t...[Read More]

Elite Dangerous: Beyond Chapter Two Now Available

Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter Two arrives today and is available for FREE on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Beyond, the third Elite Dangerous season will be free for all players, and will focus on community-requested enhancements to the overall player experience. Alongside those core foundational changes, new in-game content will progress the ever-expanding player-driven storyline and give pi...[Read More]

The Latest Entry In The Pokemon Franchise Available On Mobile, Pokemon Quest APK And Guides

Pokémon Quest is now available on Android and iOS, a few weeks after a notable release on the Nintendo Switch where the free game had hit hard with over a million downloads in two days. If you’re new to the game on smartphones, discover our Pokémon Quest guides, currently only comprised of the Eeveelution guide. Moreover, should you receive the “This app is incompatible with your devic...[Read More]

Portal Knights Steam Key Giveaway (Inactive)

This is a bit late this month, and in fact the whole website has been a tad lacking in terms of posts, but things should be going back on track for now. This month, we will be giving away a key for Portal Knights (and may possibly pick more than one winner depending on how many people join). So yes, try your luck at this Portal Knights Steam Key Giveaway and stay tuned for upcoming ones. Portal Kn...[Read More]

Yonder The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Review (Nintendo Switch)

Behind this extended name lies a relatively simple game, which is motivated only by your desire for exploration. Produced by the small Australian studio called Prideful Sloth – mostly counting Activision and Rocksteady alumni, Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles does not hide its similarities to certain titles like Harvest Moon or Zelda, but offers something quite unique in the world of adv...[Read More]

Final Fantasy XIV: The Companion App And 4.35 Update Approach

There is something new in the air for Final Fantasy XIV. After the release of the important 4.3 patch on May 22, the MMO will go to version 4.35 on July 3, before hosting its Final Fantasy XIV Companion App a few weeks later. On July 3, the players of Final Fantasy XIV will be able to discover the rest of the Epic alongside the “detective gentleman” Hildibrand. Above all, Square Enix s...[Read More]

Shadowgun Legends Will Be Available Soon On Nintendo Switch

After successfully invading our mobiles devices, the online shooter Shadowgun Legends is about to set foot in the eShop of the Nintendo Switch, as announced by the developers of Madfinger Games at the Unite 2018. Enjoying a beautiful community on smartphones, boasting 1.8 million downloads in the first week, the free-to-play shooter joins in on the gold rush of the Nintendo Switch, like many other...[Read More]

Rocket League: The Rocket Pass Reveals Its Price

Last May, Psyonix announced the upcoming arrival of a Rocket Pass, which we expected would somewhat similar to Fortnite‘s Battle Pass. Today the developer reveals the price of the latter, while stating that a free version will also be accessible. The Rocket Pass will be split between a free and premium version, the latter offering many more cosmetics at each level. In a meeting at E3 last we...[Read More]

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