Albion Online Going Free-to-Play And Oberon Now Live

Albion Online Going Free-to-Play And Oberon Now Live

Albion Online enters a new era: on April 10, the doors will open for a plethora of new players as the game goes free-to-play. For those who waited before diving into the world of Albion, it becomes even more accessible – and for veteran players, it’s an opportunity to explore group, to do more PvP and find new opportunities.

Albion Online Going Free-to-Play

This change will bring an incredible dimension to the world of Albion, as a new generation of players will be ready to make their mark in the world and join the race. With new blood, plus the many content updates, including the now live Oberon (see below), planned for the coming months, the year 2019 will be thrilling for Albion.

Oberon is Live!
Oberon, the sixth major post-launch update for Albion Online, is here! This update brings a major new Randomized Dungeon feature, new creatures, shrines, and chests, numerous quality-of-life improvements, and much more.

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