Hazelnut Bastille Will Prioritize the Switch

Hazelnut Bastille Will Prioritize the Switch

Sometime last year, we told you about the success of the Kickstarter of Hazelnut Bastille, a 2D Zelda-Like planned for PC, Mac, Linux as well as PS4 and Nintendo Switch if the goals were reached.

Indeed, the developers of Aloft said that if they received $110,000, the studio would consider porting the game on Nintendo’s console. After presenting the project to gaming giant, Aloft was granted access to the devkit of the console. In the end, their focus will be mostly on the Switch, which should also receive the game first, as explained by the studio via a ticket on the project page:

One surprise is that the percentage of users requesting Switch copies for their rewards is QUITE high… approaching 90%. Going into the campaign, we knew that the Switch community would be the biggest block of interest in the work, but I didn’t expect 90%. Seeing those numbers has led us to change how we think about the work; previously, we thought of it as a PC build that would be ported for Switch and PS4. But now I think we have to think of it as a Nintendo Switch game with a PC release and a PS4 port. Some things are the same either way- we are still using the same Unity build, and all the builds are going back to a parent build, but it is a shift in how we think about things.

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