Month: March 2020

Nintendo Planning Big for Super Mario Bros.’ 35th anniversary

Super Mario is more than a simple title nowadays. It is 35 years of video games, including several masterful creations forever inscribed in the hearts of players. So, when the Nintendo company prepares the 35th anniversary of this supreme emblem of video games, they plan big. In addition to the Nintendo World amusement park and the animated film in production, another major project is supposedly b...[Read More]

Rocket League’s Spike Rush Mode Is Coming Back On April 2nd

Psyonix announced that Rocket League’s Spike Rush mode will soon be back in Rocket League, both on PC and on consoles. In an article posted on the official blog of the game, the developer indicates that the mode will be available from April 2nd. In Spike Rush mode, the players’ cars are equipped with protruding spikes capable of forcing the ball to stick to them. While players have the...[Read More]

Samurai Shodown Will Arrive In Spring on PC Via the Epic Games Store

Released in the summer of 2019 on consoles, the new generation Samurai Shodown has gotten numerous PC players impatient. While it should have been released on our computers a few months ago, delays have been never-ending. Fortunately, the wait should come to an end in the coming months. Today, the SNK studio and the publisher Athlon Games gave us some very fresh information concerning the PC versi...[Read More]

Google’s “Stadia Makers” Program To Empower Indie Game Developers

Launched in November 2019, the cloud gaming platform from Google is now looking to increase the number of titles in the Stadia catalog. The firm wants more independent developers to join it and announces the “Stadia Makers” program to help these creators bring their titles to the platform. As part of this program, Stadia offers developers up to five physical development kits, a financi...[Read More]

Faeria – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Enter the World of Faeria. With its unique living board, Faeria will challenge you with truly strategic card battles. Craft your deck, shape the battlefield, and fight for victory!

Baldo – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

A prophecy came true, the pure child is born. The no-heart creature sealed in the underworld by the wise owls is about to rise again. Many weird and funny characters to meet and help will put the player into the amazing world of Baldo, an action adventure rpg, full of puzzles, intriguing gameplay mechanics, and intricate dungeons to solve spread through a wide, interactive open world. There will b...[Read More]

Tencent Q4 2019 Earnings, A Gigantic Success

After disclosing that PUBG Mobile had just hit the mark of 600 million downloads in two years, Tencent now decides to share the turnover of its online games for the fourth quarter that ended last December. So we learn that Tencent’s online gaming revenue has increased 25% this year, hitting $4.2 billion. Obviously, this increase in revenue is due to the success of numerous mobile titles such...[Read More]

Cyanide & Happiness – Freakpocalypse, Announcement Trailer, Nintendo Switch

In Cyanide & Happiness – Freakpocalypse, you play as Coop “Go Away, Weirdo” McCarthy and all you want to do is make the world a better place. The trouble is: Nobody likes you, school sucks, you can’t find a prom date, everybody bullies you (including your teachers), and your attempts to help only make things worse. Will you escape high school alive? Who will love you? Do you even deserve...[Read More]

PlayStation 5 vs PlayStation 4, The Differences Between The Two Sony Consoles

On the occasion of the announcement of the different characteristics of the PlayStation 5 through a conference presented by Mark Cerny, the architect of the Sony consoles of eighth and ninth generation, we offer a small comparison between the architecture of the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 . The first notable difference between the two platforms is obviously the presence of a 4K optical drive ...[Read More]

Blue Fire, The New (Temporary) Nintendo Switch Exclusive

During Nintendo’s Indie World, the Switch offered itself a new temporary exclusive title. Dubbed Blue Fire, this production from ROBI Studios and Graffiti Games should reach us this summer. Presented as a platformer with an extra action-adventure dimension, Blue Fire will have us crossing the kingdom of Penumbra and unveiling its secrets. A number of strong enemies and bosses will get in our...[Read More]

Upcoming Fairy Tail Game Adds Playable Gildarts

A month after the announcement of its postponement for June, the Fairy Tail RPG appeals to our fond memories in the last issue of Weekly Famitsu magazine. Several new information, relayed by Gematsu, were indeed revealed there. We first learn that the Eclipse arc of the Celestial Spirits, exclusive to the anime, will be present in the game. The adventure will begin also with the confrontation betw...[Read More]

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