Onmyoji Launches on iOS With a New Trailer

Onmyoji, the mobile RPG by the NetEase group was officially launched today on the AppStore for iOS mobile devices and Facebook Gameroom on PC, while still pending a launch on GooglePlay February 1, and a version distributed on Steam. For the occasion, the game is revealed in a new trailer.

MOBA Paragon Getting Shut Down

Epic Games announced this week that its MOBA Paragon will close on April 26, indicating that after a period of evaluation, the development team had not found a way to make the game profitable over time. Epic had already indicated in the past that Fortnite’s success, particularly in its Battle Royale version, had forced some of the developers to move over to work on the studio’s biggest...[Read More]

Tale of Toast Early Access Launch Details

Its been a few months now since I joined the adventure that was the Alpha of Tale of Toast, and I was glad to find out that the game was finally getting released, albeit in Early Access, on Steam. The schedule is as follows: January 26th – January 29th: Alpha test weekend This is a regular alpha test weekend, and all those with an alpha key can play. February 2nd – February 16th: Balan...[Read More]

Path of Exile Celebrating its Fifth Birthday

Yesterday, Path of Exile celebrated its fifth birthday, and the team decided to take a moment to look back at the progress that has been made in the game since it was initially created. The very first plans for the game was laid out back in 2008, and Grinding Gears was pleasantly surprised to see how much of this design document was realized in Path of Exile. “Many of the elements described in thi...[Read More]

Exclusive Q&A With Developers Of Open World MMORPG Tale of Toast

Hello! Could you introduce yourself to our readers and describe your role in Tale of Toast’s development? Hi! My name is Fredrik Svantes, and I'm developing Tale of Toast together with my friend Austin Zimmer. Austin and I live across the world from each other, with Austin being located in USA, and I'm located in [...]

Mobile RPG Onmyoji Starts Its Western Closed Beta (English APK file here)

NetEase's Anime-inspired mobile RPG Onmyoji has already amassed over 200 million downloads throughout Asia, and has even being honored as one of the App Store’s 10 Best iPhone Games of 2016 in China. With stunning 3D graphics and customizable characters voiced by real anime legends, Onmyoji is a mobile RPG with strategic, turn-based combat in [...]

Kritika Online moves to full launch on Steam with today’s Fractured Memories patch

Play Kritika Online Lots of big stuff is happening today for Kritika Online. First of all, the game’s servers are going down at 9:30 a.m. EDT to apply the game’s next major patch, Fractured Memories. That’s a big thing right there. Then, at 11:00 a.m. EDT, the game will be available on Steam. And at [...]

Betawatch: Final alpha is go for Legends of Aria (September 29, 2017)

Well, Legends of Aria fans, it’s the final… alpha? That doesn’t sound like a 1980s power ballad line at all, someone should get on that. But yes, this is the final alpha for the game ahead of its upcoming Steam launch. There’s no date for said launch just yet, though, so you may as well [...]

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