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Dataminers Uncovered 9 Backpacks In Fortnite

With close to $296 million of revenue in April, Fortnite is certainly the most profitable game on the planet. Epic Games knows it, it is essential to hold the players in suspense with fresh in order not to lose their attention, and in Fortnite this comes in the form of cosmetics.

Just as with the Jetpack from a few days ago, it seems that the developers want to introduce the “backpacks” as new equipment in the game. It is therefore no surprise that the dataminers have discovered nine backpacks in the files of the game a few hours ago. If we still do not know their specificities and their looks, here are their names that are already revealing enough:

  • Boost Jump Pack
  • Carmine Pack
  • Eye of the Storm Tracker (already known)
  • Glider
  • Glider Pack
  • Intel Pack
  • Medic Pack
  • Missile Battery
  • Test Pack

Obviously, impossible to know when these objects will be playable. Case to follow .

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