Nintendo Not Considering selling Its “Dockless” Switch Pack In The US

Last week, Nintendo has been selling a Dockless Switch pack including only the console and Joy-Con (without the dock, duh) at a reduced price. If you were hoping to see a similar offer in Europe or the US, you can stop now.

According to the “US Gamer” website, which seems to have received a direct confirmation from Nintendo, the Japanese firm will not consider selling “dockless” packages for the Switch in America. Europe has not been mentioned, but there is no doubt that this applies equally to this continent. If you plan to buy a second switch for your home, you will have to pay the usual price and get a second dock.

In Japan, Nintendo sells its pack including the console, the Joy-Con and the two straps (without charger therefore) for 26,978 yen ($246), or almost 6000 yen ($54) less than a classic pack including the dock. An offer particularly adapted to the Japanese public, fond of nomad gaming (mostly while on trains).

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