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Fortnite Season 7 Week One Challenges Guide

Fortnite Season 7 Week One Challenges Guide

Season 7 of Fortnite has just landed, and with it, the our Fortnite Season 7 Week One Challenges Guide. Snow and Christmas spirit have invaded the island. Nevertheless, no time to rest because the challenges are also coming! As in the past season, three of these challenges will be open to all and four will be reserved for BattlePass holders:


Let’s take a look at the three free challenges of the week that allow all players to get twenty precious stars, even if you did not buy the Battle Pass this season.

Pick up an item of each rarity (5 stars)

For this challenge, we will not have any special advice except to play. You will then pick up different items of each level of rarity to successfully validate this challenge.

Dance in 7 different forbidden locations (5 stars)

If you own the BattlePass, for several seasons, this challenge is certainly not unknown to you. You only have to dance in front of 7 panels that forbid it. To find out where they are, we head you to our Fortnite guide, season 7 week 1: forbidden dance locations.

Play 5 matches with at least one elimination (10 stars)

As for the rarities challenge, you will complete this one simply by playing the game. If you want to complete this challenge as soon as possible, simply kill yourself after your first kill.


Stage 1: Dance on top of a crown of RVs (5 stars)

  • Step 1: Dancing in a motorhome wreath
  • Step 2: Dancing on a metal turtle
  • Step 3: Dance on a submarine

This step challenge will make you dance in different locations on the map. To find out where you need to go, visit our Fortnite guide, week 1, season 7: Stage 1 Dance Challenge (crown of RVs) !

Deal headshot damage to opponents (5 stars)

This challenge will fill up as you play but if you want to go faster try to find a sniper rifle to inflict very large headshot damage very quickly.

Stage 1: search ammo boxes in a single match (10 stars)

  • Step 1: Search five ammo boxes in one game
  • Step 2: Search three chests in one part
  • Step 3: Search a drop of ammo in one game

In this challenge to step, the main difficulty will be the number of boxes / chests to open in one part. To succeed as quickly as possible, we advise you to go to the cities where you are more likely to find them.

Eliminate opponents in 5 different places (10 stars)

For this challenge, no secret, we will have to fight. If you want to finish it as soon as possible, we advise you to always be in motion and change cities after each kill.

Attention, to validate your challenges: you have to die completely (suicide is a valid option!) Or win, only these two options allow you to record for sure your progress in the challenges of your game.

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